Well- Equipped Labs

In order to implement our objective, our science labs are fully equipped with advanced instruments and supplies. The students interact directly with these instruments under high quality supervision and safe working environment to gather the data.

Enhanced Learning Environment

As a fundamental part of the programme, each classroom is equipped with tablet PCs and multimedia projectors. The schools are also equipped with digital cameras, scanners, printers, interactive white-boards, and a host of other technology to help children explore and learn in more meaningful ways than before.

Well- Stocked Library

The school provides access to elaborative academic resources for all school-students, faculty and administrative staff. Our reading rooms are well equipped with books, magazines and periodicals dealing with diverse topics of interest. Teachers and students are always involved in making the books collection up-to-date.

Student Counseling

Counselors, at First Steps not only focus on students’ holistic well being, with particular focus on social and emotional issues but also provide additional skills as well as leadership opportunities, supporting students with more options for university placement and scholarships.

Clubs and Societies

The school offers extra-curricular club and societies that cater to a wide range of student interests. From the performing and visual arts to debating and oratory, and from developing culinary skills to computer programming.


Sports and Physical Education

Sports lessons are a vital part of the regular school timetable. State-of- the-art facilities provide ample space for students to learn and practice, but the school is constantly looking to improve them. Equipment used at our schools is of high standard. School’s main focus is to help develop each child’s specific talent and aptitude through a broad-based curriculum.

Educational Trips

First Steps promotes learning tours combined with cultural and recreational activities for its students. Over the past seven years, international travel has included the Turkey, Spain, Malaysia and UAE. Students’ interaction with people and other students during organized tours provides exposure to rich cultures, history and traditions, while adding value through this memorable learning experiences.