Discipline Policy

First Steps School of Arts & Sciences provides a positive environment for learning which free from disruptions which interfere with teaching and learning activities. All members of our school community are encouraged to achieve their personal best and to work collaboratively.

  1. Students are expected to pay close attention to one another words and actions.
  2. They should follow all sets of instructions given inside and outside classrooms.
  3. Name-calling, hurtful gestures, abusive language and negative remarks are strictly prohibited inside the school premises. In order to gain respect students should be respectful towards the school, faculty and staff and the student body.
  4. Students should follow playground rules and refrain from littering
  5. Possession of any unauthorized material is also prohibited inside the school premises. Any fancy stationary/item is also not allowed, it will be confiscated and school is not responsible if lost/misplaced.
  6. Only A level’s Students are allowed to bring mobile phones but the usage of cell phones is strictly prohibited during the class.
  7. Cleanliness of classrooms, corridors and playgrounds should be maintained throughout the day and students will be required to arrange their classrooms before exiting at the day end.
  8. Students are aware that all desks, chairs, lockers and tables in the school are school property, and must be handled with care.
  9. They are prohibitedfrom writing on, scratching or in any way damaging these fixtures. In the event that school property is damaged, the student will be fined Rs. 2000/-.
  10. Absentee leaves for more than one day require a written application to be submitted in the office.
  11. There are no re-tests.Any tests or exams that are missed while a child is absent will not be retaken.
  12. Students are not allowed to bring any unauthorized material to If any student is found to be involved in any sort of physical/verbal abuse or found disrupting the class he/she willhave to report to the disciplinary committee. The committee will then select the necessary procedure. A detention would mean that the student would have to stay back after school for completion of assignments. In such cases, parents will be informed for a later pick up time for these students.

After three detentions the student will be suspended for continued inappropriate behavior. This could be an in-school suspension as well as a stay-at-home suspension depending on the severity of the matter. The last action that can be taken by the school authority is ‘expulsion’ whereby the decision will be taken by the Senior Management of the school after reviewing the past record of the student and recommendations of the disciplinary committee. Students should bear in mind that discipline cannot be compromised, and there will be no leniency for offenders in any grade level 

Please note that the disciplinary committee reserves the right to suspend/expel a student without detentions depending on the severity of the offense.

 These rules and regulations are for the benefit of the students, to ensure that the environment in school is one that remains disciplined and safe.