First Steps school of Arts & Sciences is a selective school, aiming to admit not more than 25 children per class.

 These children will be selected on the basis of their academic ability and potential through a well structured testing procedure.

  1. To Apply 

Admissions for the upcoming school year will be completed by the 30th of July. 

This process includes 

  • A meeting with the director of admissions  / completing the registration procedure
  • Written testing for admission
  • Interview ( children must be accompanied by their parents )
  • Submission of all required documentation and records.

 Those students who complete this process by July 30th will receive the highest degree of consideration. They will join our initial candidate pool. 

  1. To Be Considered for Admission

The admission committee reviews each student’s admission tests, assessment points given at the time of interview and previous school records. 

The admission confirmation is determined considering the following:

  • Admission test results
  • Candidate interview
  • Previous grades / attendance  / behavioral record  from other schools attended
  1. To Be Enrolled

Once invited by the Principal to have their children join First Steps, parents will have ten days to submit the admission fee and security and complete the admission process. 

If they fail to do so, the admission offer will be withdrawn and the seat offered to the next child on the waiting list. 

Entrance  / Placement Test 

Children will be tested in English, Mathematics, Urdu, and selected subjects for Secondary school & O levels.  Basic components of the test are

  • Comprehension skills
  • Written  / language skills 
  • Reasoning
  • Mathematical concepts  / operations
  • General Knowledge


Those children who reach the qualifying standard (50%) in the written test will be invited for an interview. The interview will be an opportunity to assess the suitability of each child, taking into particular account his /her language, cognitive and social competence skills.