First Steps is a Cambridge affiliate school and offers a dynamic curriculum designed and created by Cambridge University for Primary school education.

Cambridge Primary is a great place to start the learning journey. It enables learners to build their knowledge and skills progressively, through each year of the programme. It is an excellent preparation for Cambridge Secondary 1, and for progression to other educational systems. A number of progression tests are built into the Cambridge Primary programme, which enable teachers to assess your child’s progress at each stage. Short progression tests are a valuable way for the parents and the school to understand a child’s strengths, and identify areas where more help is required.

The elementary school provides a secure and encouraging environment to foster students’ holistic academic development. The programme focuses on key literacy and numeracy skills, whilst building self-esteem and confidence, continuing with the skills acquired in preschool.

The elementary school has a rich integrated co-curriculum programme that inspires and equips our young learners. Specialist teachers instruct the children in art and design as well as in an extensive performing arts programme which includes the production of an annual play. Each child takes part in a varied and well-structured sporting programme ranging from swimming to basketball and football. Opportunities are provided for our pupils to learn cooperatively, to develop respect for others and to become independent learners.

Parents are kept up to date regularly through SMS, newsletters, parent/teacher evenings and written reports.